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Happy Hair Brush - Sensory

Happy Hair Brush - Sensory

Happy Hair Brush - Sensory

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The Sensory Brush is a softer brush than all the rest of our range. It has softer nylon pins and the micro tips on the end are a bit thicker and rounder protecting a more sensitive scalp. It has been designed specifically for kids and people that are:

  • Highly Sensory, have ADHD or special needs who find traditional hair brushes hurt or over stimulate them. 
  • Under 4 years old and may not have had their first hair cut yet
  • Very fine hair and a sensitive head

As this brush is softer, you will find that a few of the black bristles will come out the first time of use. Thats normal. We suggest when you get the brush to rub the bristles in between your fingers to remove the loose bristles. Do it over a bin or sink or outside the house... and then you are good to go. 

PLEASE NOTE: THIS BRUSH IS NOT SUITABLE FOR THICK HAIR as it won't work. If you have thick hair to brush choose any of our other brushes as this one is for thin, fine hair and very sensitive heads. 

This brush actually works ! We guarantee it. 

Use it on wet or dry hair, thin hair, young hair, old hair, afro, matted, whispy, curly... all hair... it just works !!!

Get freedom back with your hair and kids hair as this brush removes brushing drama forever. Check out our reviews here and on Facebook to see!