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My Happy Hair Book

My Happy Hair Book

My Happy Hair Book

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A happy, fun children's book about loving your hair and how to brush it.

The My Happy Hair Book is easy to read, has fun bright pictures and guides the readers (both young and old) together through all the thoughts, feelings and behaviours children have about getting their messy hair brushed.

It's also designed for parents and children to have a conversation about what happens in their own house about hair and that running away from getting hair brushed by an ‘ouchie brush’ is ok and normal.

Written by Happy Hair Brush founder Jen Harwood, during the April/May 2020 Australian pandemic lockdown, Jen wanted to make it easier for parents to have conversations and strategies on getting hair brushed without fuss, tears or drama.

The book also addresses the long held concerns, beliefs and anxiety that many adults faced when they were small and also now when approaching their child's messy, knotty hair.

When readers will get to the end of the story, they will feel good about themselves, their family and be happy to know that life with their hair can be a happier one moving forward.