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INSPIRE Collection

INSPIRE Collection

INSPIRE Collection

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These cards will infuse your day with a little inspiration and remind you of just how amazing you are. Our hope is that they inspire you, empower you, shift doubt and worries, and quiet the inner judge.

Stunning daily reminders that will inspire adults, teenagers and children all day every day.

This collection consists of 20 beautifully designed double sided cards. One side providing an inspiring quote, whilst the other side a powerful I AM statement. Like our I AM collection, the Inspire Collection has been beautifully hand painted in a range of 5 bold, bright & eye catching colours. Our Inspire Collection doesn’t just aim to inspire you but also to empower you daily.

The Inspire Collection is printed in Brisbane, QLD, Australia on the highest quality, 400gsm card stock with matte laminate finish to ensure longevity. All decks are packaged in a stylish & convenient calico bag, allowing you to keep your cards safe wherever you go.

How to use:

Speak the affirmation out loud consistently throughout the day. If this isn’t possible for you, writing it down will also work. Anchor the affirmation into your mind & body and breathe into it as you repeat it or write it down. Affirmations are an incredible tool that can change your mood, mind and manifest the change you desire. If a particular card is standing out to you, pop it on the fridge or use one of our wooden card stands as a constant reminder.