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Mindful Collection

Mindful Collection

Mindful Collection

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The Mindful Collection has been created with my own family in mind; over dinner we each discuss our high & low points from the current day, allowing for family bonding, communication, openness and trust, as well as encouraging mindfulness and opportunities to explore feelings and emotions.

This collection is so inspiring and is a wonderful family tool. I wanted to extend these pivotal opportunities onto other like-minded families so they too can benefit from all these beautiful cards have to offer. The topics and questions on the cards have been written so that even the younger family members have the opportunity to join in! The questions encourage self reflection & awareness and can also be used as prompts during meditation or journalling.

The Mindful Collection consists of 40 different cards and includes a wooden stand to hold the whole set.

How do you use the Mindful Collection in your own home?

Display your Mindful Collection in a central space of your home, for many homes this will be the kitchen, the dining table, or any place that everyone comes together each day. Once a card is selected, each person takes their turn to answer the question displayed on the card. This is a great way to learn more about your family and encourage them to open up and explain what makes them laugh, what makes them feel safe, likes, dislikes, worries etc, these cards encourage more than just “yes” or “no” answers about their day.

The Mindful Collection could also be used as conversation starters at dinner parties, girls’ nights, mindfulness retreats and other events. Not only can they be used to encourage meaningful conversations, they are also great to use on your own as prompts when jounalling or as a tool for self reflection emotionally or spiritually.

Mindfulness is an incredible tool allowing people to understand and deal with their emotions in a healthy, positive way. It also encourages people to be present and the experience of being open and aware in the given moment, without judgement or criticism, these are excellent tools for persons of all ages to be equipped with throughout life.