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The Makai Kitchen With Dish Rack

The Makai Kitchen With Dish Rack

The Makai Kitchen With Dish Rack

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Complete your little ones home corner with a beautifully handcrafted rattan kitchen. It has two hinged cupboards, a stove top, sink and even a dish rack!

Our Poppy’s Little Treasures rattan products are designed and handcrafted with love. 

Due to the natural materials and hours of craftsmanship, these timeless products sometimes have slight imperfections and can vary in colour consistency due to the natural rattan.
This makes our products more unique and one of a kind.

Makai is Hawaiian for the Ocean or Oceanside. 

colour variations due to image modifications 

This is slightly longer than the original Makai kitchen and includes a removable dish rack 

80cm L x 60cm H 


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